IRCTC login Plan My Travel, Train Timing, Tatkal, Download, PNR Status

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This is a guest post by Bikky Sah.

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited)
First of all I introduced about IRCTC for India and Indian. IRCTC is one of the best tickets booking service provider in India. IRCTC is very user friendly and easy to use. Any person who has little bit of knowledge about internet and net banking can book their ticket easily.

Before starting description of the aforesaid topic you have to know two things about IRCTC. First this is about IRCTC Registration and Second it IRCTC Login.

IRTC Registration:
IRCTC Registration is same as the filling the form of SSC, Banking, Creating Gmail account and other sign up process. The sign up link is given below, just copy and paste into address bar and start your registration process. Here is the Links

Sign up Link for IRCTC:

IRCTC login Plan My Travel, Train Timing, Tatkal, Download, PNR Status

How to start registration for IRCTC?
First thing you have an Email ID for starting registration. Go to the aforesaid link; fill the form with your name, address and all mandatory things asked by IRCTC. Click on submit button, now second process starting as IRCTC Login.

Link for IRCTC Sign in:

IRCTC Login or Sign In:
This is only happens when you have a username and its password. The username and password you got from at the time of registration for IRCTC use that username and password for IRCTC sign in.

Now you are able to learn our title and it’s easy to use. Here is the topics which is help you to booking your ticket easily with mobile, laptop,  notebook, net book or PCs.

IRCTC Plan My Travel:
Plan my travel is the best section of IRCTC, because it is easy to use, how to use I am describing as below;
In this section you can see a box in which there five text field present namely From, To, Date, Ticket Type and Quota.

“From” Text box use for you starting you travel, “To” text box is use for destination of you travel, “Date” is use for date of journey, “Ticket Type” there are two ticket type available first one is e-ticket and second is i-ticket and lastly “Quota” there are three quota: General, Tatkal and Ladies. Ok these are the thing about IRCTC Plan my Travel, now we learn about find my train and train timing.

Train Timing:
After filling the small form of Plan my Travel just click on find train button, the list of train appears. This is very interesting; because just after the train column you can get an extra column there you get your train with its timing. Now we are going to next phase of the post that is TATKAL.

Tatkal Ticket:
What is Tatkal and what is the full form of TATKAL? I know this type of question will appears in you mind. Tatkal is nothing but it is emergency service provided by Indian Railways because in Tatkal ticket you can book your seat on Indian Railway Just before the day which day you want to travel.

How to book tatkal Ticket?
You have to fill the Plan my travel form and remember select quota text box as Tatkal. This will happen before previous day of traveling e.g. if you want to travel in 21 Oct you can book you tatkal ticket before one day i.e. 20 Oct. Many of bloggers write about how to book tatkal ticket in huge traffic of net. My mentor Amit Agarwal saying about Tatkal Ticket booking, here is the video;

IRCTC Login Download (Mobile):
You can download the IRCTC application in your mobile. Follow the following instruction and download the software in you mobile for booking the ticket.
  • Open the Link:
  • Enter your mobile number
  • After enter you mobile number click on GET NGPay
  • You will get an SMS
  • Click on SMS Link and Download Application

To check PNR status is as well as you can check normal PNR, Go to Indian Railway Website and enter you PNR and check status.

Indian Railways Site:
IRCTC Login:

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